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CAfE is the official energy agency for Christchurch. We are committed to developing Christchurch as an energy-smart city.

Commercial energy plant opportunities

Wed, 13/07/2011 - 11:51am -- sam

Business operations and machinery use energy. CAfE is committed to help find solutions to make the energy contribution to your business more efficient and, where possible, help you utilise other sustainable energy sources without compromising your service to your customers.

Modern solutions can involve:

  • better integration of products and services;
  • use of hybrid engine systems which utilise a range of energy sources;
  • adopting renewable energy supply;
  • distributed power supply;
  • changes in operation to make use of off-peak supply; and
  • ensuring machinery is operating effectively and is well maintained.

Combined heat and power plants, known as co-generation plants, ideally suited for large institutions, use excess energy to power heating and cooling systems. In New Zealand often biomass is used in co-generation.

CAfE will encourage the creation of practice groups of businesses to share ideas and insights into better energy use for plant operation.