Christchurch Agency for Energy

Helping our city use energy wisely


CAfE is the official energy agency for Christchurch. We are committed to developing Christchurch as an energy-smart city.

Energy generation opportunities

Mon, 04/07/2011 - 12:27pm -- sam

The future will see a greater range of renewable energy generation and CAfE will be at the forefront of identifying Christchurch energy opportunities.

Greater use of renewable energy sources requires reliable and economic supply of power.  These sources will need to be established and developed, and CAfE will be there to assist in this process.  

CAfE, in partnership with Orion, Christchurch City Council, ECAN, Meridian Energy, TrustPower and others will identify, foster, encourage and support identification of sites and opportunities for renewable power generation.

CAfE will profile suitable sites in Christchurch, Banks Peninsula for wind, wave, current generation as well as indentifying opportunities for microgeneration for multiple users. Ownership, proximity to residences, visual and other affects,and services will be key factors in this work for each and every site. 

This work will occur during 2012/13.